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Oh hi there! Thanks for stopping by!
So that's me up there, Hele of Hele Jelly Bean.
First time Blog writer, lover of fun and sillyness, slightly creative, mildly sarcastic and a little bit loopy!

My full name is Helena (Hele, to my nearest and dearest) Jayne (Jelly sounds way more cute and fun though, right?) Bean (that one’s been/Bean with me since birth!). No direct relation to Rowan Atkinson, but my dad IS Mr Bean...

*pause for laughter*

I grew up in Dorset (South Coast) and then hit The Big City to pursue my 'passion for fashion' and study at The London College of Fashion. I then sold my soul to a number of household names in the Luxury Fashion world, working on shows for Paris and London Fashion Week. 

Fashion is cool and stuff, and I truly had the time of my life but i'd started to imagine myself running my own thing and I knew I wanted it to be fun, appealing to everyone and stand the test of time rather than on a strict seasonal schedule. This epiphany came around the same time as some really cute little Beans joined our family (our simply amazing nephew, Edward and our gorgeous niece, Sophia)... so I now had some really cute models and finally I could start making fun little things for them! When baby girl was born, I'd just made the Circus Tea Party aprons so her big bro (and my very first customer!) was gifted a personalised apron so he didn't feel left out with all the gift giving to little sis! Little sis has since become the proud owner of all the HJB goodies you can imagine and we are currently having fit sessions for our upcoming clothing range over FaceTime! #Covid

I've always loved gift giving and the feeling you get when you know you've found the perfect gift for the perfect person!

All of our collections have at least 12 hand drawn (by me!) characters in so there really is something for everyone and I love how each person has their favourite drawing for different reasons. There's so much cute children's stuff out there so it was my aim to design collections that made you take a second look to fully appreciate our fun lovin, humorous designs in all their glory! You can always be sure to expect the unexpected with Hele Jelly Bean.

Well thanks for reading! I hope you have a pleasant day and an enjoyable peruse of the world of Hele Jelly Bean! We'll be adding to the HJ Blog on the regular so check back as we uncover more of the insights and inspirations of HJB.

Lots of love and laughter, 

Hele x

P.s. No, that's not my real nose.
P.p.s. No, it's not Photoshopped either. I really did buy a Red Nose just for this photo...
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